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Stella Mwanahamuntu
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How to Embed CodePens into your posts - It's easy.

Hey Devs,

So I recently started writing blog series to share and help me keep track of some courses I have been taking. The only challenge I had was trying to figure out how to display and demonstrate the way code works on the platform itself. I literally tweeted asking someone to do a tutorial.

Turns out it is really as simple as typing

{% codepen %}
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just make sure to avoid putting the back ticks that cause the black background.

So if it is done correctly,

this should happen.
Ps. I used one of Cassidy's codepens.

Yep so IT IS really simple.
I am happy to answer any questions or demonstrate in any other way possible.

Thank you for reading.

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Andrew Wooldridge • Edited

Yes! You can embed a lot of different kinds of content - see this article ( there are even more like codesandbox

{% codesandbox 23948skjfksjdf %}

There's another article about even more embeds plus a link to the editor's guide

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Thor Galle

Thanks for explaining! If you also want to configure the CodePen options, there is at least the officially supported default-tab option. Example:

{% codepen default-tab=js,result %}
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Jakub T. Jankiewicz

Options are not documented it seems, where you can find all of them? I want to find how to require click to run the pen.

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Oscar Ortiz

I couldn't get this to work for the life of me. Thank you for this small quick post on getting embed code to work on a blog post. I'm a fan of being able to show the live demo while the user is reading the post.

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Cassidy Williams

I just googled how to embed Pens and was startled seeing my own Pen on this, hahaha! Thank you for the post!!

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Practicing Developer


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Xaver Fleer

Is it possible to set a fixed height of the frame? I'd like to set it to 500px

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Ben Read

Great info, just what I needed to embed my pen. Thank you!