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Andrew (he/him)
Andrew (he/him)

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A Mild Complaint

...actually just two problems.

  1. As far as I can tell, there is no obvious link to the Dev.To Editor's Guide which (really reads more like an "Author's Guide" and) is a supremely useful resource for when I forget how to format a liquid tag or something in a post. I think I had to discover for myself that you can embed Dev.To users and posts within your own posts and comments.

    Embed a user with {% user jess %}:

    or a post with {% link awwsmm/getting-the-gist-of-java-15eg %}

    or even a specific comment with {% devcomment 6hpe %}

    Yo dawg, I heard you like browsers.

    There are also embeds for Twitter, Glitch, GitHub, Gist, and lots more. The ability to do this is really cool and I don't think I would have known about it if I hadn't stumbled across the Editor's Guide.

  2. How do I do this?

    Other people seem to know how to make a series of articles into a series of articles, but it's not in the Editor's Guide. Help!


Another thing I only just discovered: you can add a Table of Contents to the top of your post using inline anchors:

## TOC
  * [Chapter 1](#chapter-1)
  * [Chapter 2](#chapter-2)
  * [Chapter 3](#chapter-3)
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Ben Sinclair

It's the little information icon on every post or comment you author?

information icon

I agree it could do with having a link somewhere common, like maybe the footer, but it's on the page contextually where it's needed.

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Andrew (he/him)

Nice! But that's only how it appears on comments. On posts, it's different:

So I propose two things:

  1. A unified UI across posts and comments
  2. Adding all of this info to the Editor's Guide, and making the Guide a permanent fixture on the user drop-down menu.
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Ben Halpern

Good thoughts all around.

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Ben Lovy • Edited

Holy crap that's how you do that.

A wholehearted "second" - even discovering "cover_image" was a little tricky. The message "just paste it into your editor" is only half the battle!

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Basti Ortiz

You can add a series to your posts by adding the series tag in the front matter of your post. For example:

title: Cool title!
tags: some, tags, here
series: The Name of Your Series

Your post here...

Just refer to the same series name to add the post to the series. Our great friend Ben here created an entire changelog for it.

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Andrew (he/him)

Ah! I see! And in the V2 editor, you can click on the ... button at the top-right to open this window:

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Ben Halpern

This PR just got merged to help 🙂

Though I suspect it still may not be fully clear. We need to keep working on this.

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Thanks, I learned the trick. :)

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That actually showed me a lot of things I didn't know. Thanks!