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Free Resume Reviews for Devs

We're happy to announce our newest weekly series - shred it. Every week, we'll be reviewing a resume line by line, providing constructive feedback, and sharing ideas on how to make it shine. We want to show you how a recruiter or hiring manager looks at your resume to give you more insight on what to focus on. A successful job search starts with a solid resume.

The feedback we give will be the exact thoughts we have as if we're evaluating you for an interview. Any feedback is meant to constructive and help you find a job.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone is welcome to apply, but the team has only interviewed and hired from the tech and marketing industries. We'll give you feedback, just keep in mind it could be off base if you're applying for a mining engineer position because we know nothing about it. 😅

Submission Instructions

  1. Please remove your name, address, email address, and any other personal information. We'll be sharing this on our blog that's accessible by everyone.
  2. Keep job titles and experiences.
  3. Choose to keep one of the following: company names or education names.
  4. Email your resume to and write Shred It in the subject line.
  5. Let us know what kind of luck you've had with it and what kind of job you're targeting.

If your resume is chosen we'll let you know and email you the feedback before sharing it.

Let's Get to Shredding!

And no, we won't literally shred your resume (unless it's like the one I had in college in which case we might).

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