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The Most Interesting Sessions from Google I/O for Web Development

I just wanted to share some of the sessions that I found the most interesting from Google I/O 2017 for Web Developers.
I know not everyone had the chance to watch them live and even though you can get them in their YT channel, there are like a gazillion videos there, so its a bit hard to navigate.

These are just the ones I think are a MUST WATCH for any developer, ordered according to "daily work" relevance, but here's the full Chrome + Web list of sessions, if you have time, check the channel!

DevTools: State of the Union 2017 [41:41]

Production Progressive Web Apps With JavaScript Frameworks [40:33]

V8, Advanced JavaScript, & the Next Performance Frontier [43:28]

Web Performance: Leveraging the Metrics that Most Affect User Experience [39:42]

Cranking Up Performance in Graphics Intensive Web Apps and Games [39:29]

Progressive Web Apps: Great Experiences Everywhere [30:33]

Developer Tooling for Web Components [39:10]

VR and AR at Google [36:54]

Future, Faster: Unlock the Power of Web Components with Polymer [43:04]

Please share your favorite sessions in the comments!

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