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Don't Over - React about frameworks/libraries

I know many of you are probably trying to determine whether or not to use Angular, Vue, or React in your current projects. Have you considered not using them?

Do not feel pressure of deciding what to use

I am almost entirely sure 80% of beginners fall into tutorial hell (I did too). Where you don't know what to get better at because you don't know what companies are looking for and you don't value what skills you have. I personally feel like a lot of this fear comes from not understanding enough of the basics.

Do not become comfortable with what you know about the basics

You will never understand everything. But what helps you become better at understanding complex concepts is to keep hitting the books, videos, or livestreams (whatever your poison is) on the basics. If you do not understand JavaScript itself don't skip it to learn a framework. Take that ES6/ES7 course because I promise you that if you understand that first, it won't be so hard figuring out how to start on your next project.

Just recently I went back through FreeCodeCamp's material and learned a bunch from revisiting the basics. For example: I always use a theming framework for my grids but stopped using them since they showed me how to use CSS's new grid system.

I also found a ton of value in taking short Udemy courses like this one.
JavaScript, ES6, ES7, ES8, and beyond
which shows you all the latest and greatest features of JavaScript.

Another great course would be JavaScript, understanding the weird parts which took my understanding to a whole other level.

There are a ton of resources out there, but please (at least once a month) go back to the beginning. You will 100% feel more confident in yourself once you explain what a call stack is, or what lexical scope is. Once you understand the basics everything else just falls into place.

You can find my social media profiles on my profile here, please feel free to reach out if you need help finding the right material to guide your learning!

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This Dot Media

Agreed! Great article Marco

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Marco Chavez

Thank you! I appreciate your feedback.