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🐳 Login to MySQL on Docker and run a SQL file


You maintain an app with MySQL and develop it on Docker. You have a dump file as .sql. Then, you want to run it.


1. copy the SQL file into the Docker container

$ docker cp hoge.sql [cotaier-id]:/hoge.sql

2. Login to Docker

$ docker ps
$ docker exec -it [container-id] /bin/bash

3. Login to MySQL

$ mysql -u root -p
$ show databases;
$ use [your_database_name];
$ show tables;

💡hint: if you use a rails app, the password and connection informations should be defined at config/database.yml. Perhaps, it is actually written in .env file.

4. Run the SQL file

$ source hoge.sql

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Simple and great post!

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Akshay Kumar

Thank you!