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HTML a Programming Language

naamanews profile image News Naama ・1 min read

We will explain about HTML and CSS with the example and as well as is HTML a programming language.

Hence, HTML is a programming language “HyperText Markup Language” which is the most basic building block of the web page.

After that, whenever any programmer starts web programming they start with the Html. Further, because it is a basic programming language and its very easy understanding.Is HTML a Programming Language

So, using this programming language make the structure of a web page and defines the different different types of content with the help of Html programming language.

Similarly, when we have to use HTML then it can be created many pages and block for a website. Therefore, there are many options for creating structure.Learn Relational Algebra

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Loouis Low

How do you like my joke?

  if[state="true"] > return { color: blue }
  if[state="false"] > return { display: none }
  if[state]:not([state="true"]) > return:after { color:red; content: "Invalid Boolean!" }

<if state="true">
    Hello World!
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I think all of this debate hangs on the defnition of "programming language" that you subscribe to.
If you say that a language must be turing complete then HTML isn't but things like Coq that for what I've heard due to their type system must have te program halt meaning that is not turing complete.
However if you define that any language that ultimately ends with the computer doing something by the commands given in the language then yes HTML would be.

I think this boils down to the individual, I fall a bit in the turing camp but with Coq's ability to compile down to haskell I would consider theorem proofers like that valid programming languages.

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These is a huge difference between markup language and programming languages like java. HTML is not a programming language at all.

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Neither html nor css are programming languages. You are stating that they are, without explain why.

So, why in your opinion html and css are programming languages?