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OpenBSD mailing lists with OpenSMTPD

This post is about how to make maling lists in OpenBSD (whose current version is 6.5).

With OpenSMTPD (and Dovecot, optionally), this method is perhaps the simplest.

Add a line for the list to /etc/mail/users like:

  os_user@some.fqdn      some_user
  noreply@some.fqdn      nobody
  some-name@some.fqdn    vmail
+ some@ml.address        to1@target.address, to2@target.address, ... 

where /etc/mail/smtpd.conf is:

table domains           file:/etc/mail/domains
table users             file:/etc/mail/users

listen on lo0
listen on egress \
        tls pki <pki> \
        auth-optional \
        tag MTA

action "local" maildir alias <aliases>
action "domains" lmtp "/var/dovecot/lmtp" rcpt-to virtual <users>

match tag MTA   from any                for domain <domains>    action "domains"
match           from local              for local               action "local"

and also /etc/mail/domains is like:


Compliting the configuration, emails sent to "some@ml.address" are forwarded to "to1@target.address, to2@target.address, ..." directly.

Without any additional servers, it has no functionality such as editing subjects or bodies, but is perhaps the simplest.

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