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VirtualBox: Configuring "Host Key"

Heddi Nabbisen
An ICT designer/developer and a security monk with "a cool brain and a warm heart". OpenBSD/Rust etc. Interested in social issues and relationships. Founder of Scqr Inc.
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VirtualBox provides various function with Host Key such as switching between host and guest or taking screenshots.

The default of Host Key is "Right Ctrl", whereas some keyboards don't have the key.
In such a case, we can change the mapping with Keyboard Settings in Prereferences:

keyboard settings

Just focus on the "Shortcut" area of "Host Key Combination" and type the key which you want to set as Host Key.

Besides, when you have run the virtual machine already, it's still possible to configure it by doing right click at the right bottom of the guest window:

guest window

Thank you for your reading 🦔
Happy computing.

Discussion (2)

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Clive Da

good advice i always change the virtualbox hotkey from RIGHT CTRL to RIGHT ALT

nabbisen profile image
Heddi Nabbisen Author

Clive Da, thank you for your comments 😉
I checked my keyboard at home and found it lacked RIGHT ALT as well as RIGHT CTRL. I felt jealous 🤣