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new Github README feature is awesome

In Github a great README file helps your project to stand out from the sea of open-source software on GitHub. A README is like the face of your project. But now it can also be used to elaborate your current work and profile.

All you have to do is

  • create a new repository with your username, Initialize it with file
  • In this file You will notice a format which you can edit or you can use markdown and create a new one.And that's it.
  • If you want a cover image, just design one and upload it to this repository, And to show it use <img src="">. Note: when you use <img src="imageName.extension"> it won't work (I don't know why, Although your cover image will show correctly in preview but after commit it won't show in your profile feature preview).
  • If you want to add social network badges, Visit

So, This is it guys,I hope i helped you and you will create a better one.

You may see my markdown code below,

<img src="">

<h3>👋HI THERE,</h3>
<h4>I'm Nalini Ranjan Jatwar</h4>
<p>I'm a Flutter Developer,Competitive Programmer and an Open Source Enthusiast who is highly passionate about building fast,Creative applications. I also like to design wireframes and prototypes in adobe xd</p>
<p>🔭 I’m currently working on a Quiz Web Application</p>
<p>🌱 I’m currently learning node.js,typescript</p>
<p>🤝 I’m looking to collaborate on flutter,firebase projects or Web applications using html,css and javascript</p>
<p><a href="myFacebookProfileLink" target="_blank"><img src="" height="32px"></a>
<a href="myInstagramProfileLink" target="_blank"><img src="" height="32px"></a>
<a href="myLinkedinProfileLink" target="_blank"><img src="" height="32px"></a></p>

Thank You Guys

You can follow me on github to see my other projects.
This is my first post here so i'm sorry for any typos.

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