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let var const - variables in js


  • variables are lable that references a value.
  • variables are used to store information to be reference and manipulated in a computer program.
  • variables holds information/data.
  • storing information.
let name = 'Manikandan';
    let        -> start with  //(let, var, const)
    name       -> variable identifier
    Manikandan -> information/data
    ;          -> end of the statement

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  • var is function-scope.

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  • Variables defined with 'var', redeclare and reassign is possible.

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  • let is block-scope

  • Some lines of code will written in { } these parentheses, it

  • is called block-scope.

  • block-scope Variable cannot be access outside the block.

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  • Variables defined with 'let', must be declare before use/assign value.
  • Once declare a Variable with 'let', after re-assign is possible but redeclare is impossible.

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  • const is block-scope.
  • variable define with 'const', cannot be redeclare and cannot be reassign.

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