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Nathaniel Louis Tisuela
Nathaniel Louis Tisuela

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💭Faith and 💻Computer Science

👋 Hey guys! As a Computer Science major and a Christian, I'm wondering how your personal beliefs (whether you're religious, atheist, or agnostic) directly affect your career, and how they are/aren't expressed in what you do in your industry.

Rephrases of what I'm asking:

  • 💭 | 💻 Do you keep your personal beliefs separate from work? Is it appropriate for them to intersect?
  • 💭 --> 💻 Does your faith fuel or inspire you to code? Is that even possible in this kind of industry?
  • 💭 --> 💻, 👩‍🚒, 🤼 How do you express who you are when you program, choose your job or interact with teammates?

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Alisson Zampietro

I don't think that i take conscious decision based on my beliefs (on my case i'm agnostic), but of course that indirectly all decision that i make is affected on my beliefs. Actually, when i'm developing i try to make stuffs, use patterns, that my team is going to get understanding, instead what i believe. I've been thinking a lot about these questions, and sometimes it's hard to answer because i've never had noticed about how much of me my code represents, i just thought that it was toc hahahah

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Andrew Courtice

As a fellow Christian I attempt to let the character of Jesus become evident through the quality of my code, and most importantly, my conduct within my company and leadership of my team. For me personally this looks like:

  • I try to write code to a high standard to ensure that the software I produce isn't just half-baked but instead aims to make the user feel joy in using it.
  • I try to set an example for my team by being encouraging and taking time to listen to their suggestions/criticism. IMO my responsibility as a team leader is to empower my team to be the best developers they can so taking time to invest in them is key.
  • I try to set an example in my company by showing respect and grace to my colleagues wherever possible regardless of their beliefs, gender, colour etc. If I have an issue with something someone did or their work I attempt to deliver that feedback in a way that isn't from a place of self-righteousness or hypocrisy but instead is (hopefully) encouraging.

As I've listed these points I think it's important that I point out my use of the words attempt and try are extremely important in this context. As much as I attempt show these characteristics, at the end of the day I'm human and subject to failure. My only hope is that the people I lead and/or interact with see past me and instead look to Christ and give glory to Him.

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Kingsamuel Chinweikpe Nwachukwu

This is the best thing, I have ever read on this platform.. You doing great sir...oyes I give God glory for you...