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Looks like my luck has run out :(

After 13 years of service, I was given my 30 day notice... AWESOME.

That "AWESOME" was sarcastic in case it wasn't clear. It may be "the best thing to happen to my career", as said by a few higher ups, but that's not how it feels like right now; and as the silver-lining, it still doesn't mean much right now. Right now, I'm upset. Right now, I'm scared. Right now, I'm no longer one of the lucky ones I so happily called myself in my last article.

I can't get into the who or provide my opinion on the why but we've been dealing with layoffs for months now. The first wave came out of no where and rocked our department HARD. 20+ people gone, including my director. I thought I was safe. I figured this move was for the best. It was my time to shine, lets get it cracking. The second wave came with rumors and half truths, 160+ people gone. Wow. At least the worst had passed... nope. Then came outsourced support, to "help" us, since we lost so many people, obviously. We didn't buy it. I lie, most people didn't buy it... I did. I saw the logic behind it, I appreciated the passing my day to day support to someone else so I can focus on "development and innovation". I was so naive.

13 years... I would've stayed for life! I wanted to move up, run my own team and eventually the department. I looked for better paying jobs but I was never going to leave. Maybe that was the issue. I got too comfortable. But why shouldn't you get comfortable at a good job. This was my second home, I decorated my battlestation dammit!

I'm scared. I'm scared of whats out there. I'm scared of whats NOT out there. I'm scared I'm not good enough. I know for a fact I'm missing some "must have" skills as a front-end web developer. Our web team handle front-end development for static public sites and our programmers worked on applications using AngularJS and React. Meaning, I don't know React! I worked with the programmers on styling their AngularJS directives but that was about 3 years ago. Most front-end developments jobs want React or some other JS framework... I didn't learn it because there wasn't a need. Plus, I was too busy leading development and innovation for the CMS. I'm ROCK STAR at the CMS, I'm a ROCK STAR at using the Velocity Template Language to do all types of cool stuff on render so it still publishes as a static html page. I've even been doing remote contract work for another company using the CMS. I'm awesome! I'm awesome at this very specific, very niche, non mainstream type of work that isn't used often enough for me to find another full-time job. I'm so awesome.

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Adam Crockett 🌀 • Edited

Do you know how I got my first major gig here at Dyson? I just asked the most senior guy I could find on LinkedIn. now get out there and show the region of the US what awesome is.
Specific fears about transferable skills can be addressed with the following questions, what is a CMS? It manages content, even if it's red yellow green or blue it's still just managing content. Also what is a templating language? It doesn't matter it just displays the content.

If you see my point, pick a frontend framework to study, never forgetting, it's just JavaScript and they are all the same in truth. Good luck!

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Hey Nando,

I promise there is so much work out there. Most jobs everyone will know less than you, start watching/learning/making things (little front end things).

It's a freak out to leave something after so long but you are in the golden age of front end. Being there so long proves you are reliable. Focus, ignore feelings. Worry about principles more than specific tech.

Apply for a lot (100).

Let me know if need places to look. 👍

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Xing Wang • Edited

I am sure your skills and experience will be a huge leg up from someone who just learned another framework. Most companies don't care about the framework you know, but core programming & (if you are manager) management skills.

All the best!!

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Martin Huter

Though hand you got deald there.

As a lot of other people mentioned the software world is changing by the second, just pick your poison 😄.

Best of luck on the hunt for a new position.

P.s.: Thank you for putting the possibility of loosing your job out there. I often get the feeling that there is a real need for devs and not enough that want to do it.

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Phil Nash

Hey Nando,

That really sucks that happened to you. I've been fortunate enough that I've never been on the receiving end of layoffs like this.

I understand that you're scared, but I think you might need to have a read over your previous article again to know that you're in a better position than you think you are.

[I have nothing to show for it] except a good job with great benefits, 12+ years of professional experience and all the knowledge and skills that came with that experience. I’ve also worked with some great people, my peers respect my professional opinion and I can even call some lifelong friends.

12+ years of experience and everything that comes with it, Specialised knowledge in a CMS and templating language, and the passion, the love for the work. All of those things, along with the network of people you worked with over that time, will give you a great leg up into your next role.

I'm not saying it's going to be easy, bouncing back from a setback rarely is, but after reading your first article and seeing your attitude come across from it, I believe that you will bounce back. You might even find yourself in a better job this time around.

I hope you share how it goes with the community, we're with you. Best of luck!

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Diego Mondragon • Edited

React could become deprecated in 5 years. Understanding what react solves can be transferred to any js or not related frawework. You will do fine.

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Nando • Edited

@adam_cyclones @vuild @xngwng @mgh87 @mondragonda thank you all for your replies and messages!

I'll definitely post about the journey when it comes to an end, until then, no more sad rants lol

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yw. gl. msg if you need. 👍

Permission to say "We told you so" when it happens?

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Hey Nando,

Don't forget to bump this thread with updates.