Nevertheless, my team mate Coded

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I'm lucky because I have a great team mate !

Despite an extremely stressful context and a solid imposter syndrome, she coded. She joined the team 1 year ago, and has made great progress although the project was tense.
She's started to express herself more and more, and she still sometimes encounters some setbacks.
I admire her for her perseverance and for the great mood she brings to the team.
Even though the management did not trust her, she has solved some extremely complex problems !

I'm trying my best to support her in tough situations, and we have great time pair programming.

My advice for allies to support self-identifying women and non-binary folks who code is ...

Try and be helpful. On tough problems, simply propose to give a hand, and be comprehensive when the person is feeling insecure.
Do not hesitate to compliment your team mates if you feel so, and ensure they have a healthy work atmosphere.

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Thank you for supporting your teammate(s)!


Great! A very similar story happened in here ^_^