Our favourite Spotify Playlist for Coding

Nadine M. ThΓͺry on October 09, 2019

Such a random post! But I just felt in the need of sharing my favorite playlists while coding/working. I am always looking for new playlists to boo... [Read Full]
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I definitely just added Soundscapes for Gaming. I immediately liked it, thank you!


the stop everything is snowing sounds giving me a trans right now. I think I can finish this feature in a week with this music. thanks.


Post rock or electronica work often well with coding, I'm with you πŸ‘


I know its not Spotify powered, but I can't get enough of ChilledCow's lofi hip hop radio on YouTube - youtube.com/watch?v=hHW1oY26kxQ


ChilldedCow has a profile with a daily playlist on Spotify if you want to save some bandwidth stream the radio station. open.spotify.com/playlist/0vvXsWCC...


This and Chillhop's lofi hip hop radio are my top go tos for programming soundtracks


I love this post! Here are a few of mine:

Coding and Crushing It
Bonobo Radio
Outrun/Future Synth

A co-worker recommended this one late yesterday, so I'm going to give it a try.


words aren't enough to thank you for the first link OH MY GAWWWWD what a experience! love it :) that's my jam


Lots of progressive trance, I tune into Group Therapy with Above and Beyond every Friday, I am a bit less consistent with Corsten's Countdown and A State of Trance. Some days I go in a totally different direction and it is all hip-hop, emo, and punk rock.

If I had to leave everyone with one album to check out, it would be Airdrawndagger by Sasha. I consider it the best electronic album ever made.


I'm not using Spotify but here's what I use to play for productivity.you can also listen to these on youtube:


Any slow jazz like Bossonova helps, you can find many tracks on YouTube which are mostly 2 hrs or more . It depends on what I feel like listening, sometimes it's classic rock sometimes its Hans Zimmer or Jon Williams. As long as it helps ;-)


Music where the bass don't go like "bum bum bum buuum bum bum bum bum bam bum" but more like "buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumm" you'll hear what I mean


I have three principal moods when coding:

  • Designing: I use instrumental music so I can think clearly

  • Researching and Coding: When I have to read documentation, implement and test new things. In that case I like fast tempo music without vocals

  • Only Coding: I already have the designs, the tasks and I know the technology I'm using so I can listen to music with vocals


Yes, it's a bit Off Topic because it isn't on Spotify, but I like to develop playing Programmer's Music: programmersmusic.com/


I listen to anything that sounds good, which for me happens to be mostly in the rap genre. I've found that I can be productive with any kind of music as long as I find it good.


John Wick 1,2,3 Original Motion Picture Soundtracks.


Thanks for this post.
This gives us an awesome collection in comments as well.


Oh yes Hans Zimmer! I also love to listen to Sawano Hiroyuki. Got used to the english πŸ˜‹ I looove the beats!


Also I love Indie-Game-Soundtracks and lots of those are great for working:


The Cuphead OST is something i've been working with this week and it's amazing. You should add a couple of songs to your playlist.

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