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Creating a simple Notes web app with Vue and Firestore

Introduction to the short series

This is a multi-part tutorial on using Vuejs to create a Note-taking app. It uses Firestore as the database to store all the notes. This tutorial is divided into the following parts:

  1. Starting a Vue project and setting it up (this article)
  2. Creating a Firestore database
  3. Connecting the Firestore database to the Vue app and sending notes to the database
  4. Fetching notes from the database and displaying sorted notes
  5. Adding a delete note functionality to the app

Setting up the project

Start a new Vue project and replace the code in App.vue's template with the following:

App.vue component

If you haven't used Vue v3.x to create projects before, refer to my previous article.

Here in this App.vue component, we have an input for the title of the note and a textarea for the content/main body of the note. There is a button that will add our note to a database.

Below this, is an unordered list that will display all our notes. There will also be a button beside each note which allows us to delete that particular note.

Let's create the data which will allow us to have a two-way binding with the note title and content.

Adding data for two-way binding

We can access the contents of the input and textarea and get the title and content of a note. The notes array will hold all our notes. Now, we need a method that will add our notes to this array.

A method to add all new notes to an array

This method will check if the title and content are empty otherwise push them in our notes array. Setting the title and content to an empty string will clear the input and textarea.

Wrapping up

We have our new project set up, ready to have new notes added to it. We can enter a note title in the input and enter the contents of the note in the textarea. Clicking the button will add our note to an array.

We can display our notes in the unordered list with a v-for, but...after refreshing the page, all our notes will be gone! To make them persistent, we need a database to store all our notes. We will create a new Firestore database in the next part. Until then, feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments below.

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can you share the full code of this project?