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CherryBomb: So what's new??

We're pleased to announce the release of the Cherrybomb CLI-0.6, which includes several highly requested features!
Please star us on our Github repo: .


The Cherrybomb CLI is a devops and appsecop tool.I have already talk about it in a previous article.
It turns your JSON or YAML OpenAPI specification file into a human-readable and accessible file while simultaneously executing a number of passive tests to verify it adheres to best practices and contains nothing that might constitute a security issue.
In this new release we added some features the first I want to talk is ep-table.
This feature is extremely handy since it generates a table of all the endpoints in the specification and provide useful informations.

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This makes it simple to see what data is accessible and where it is located.
Then param-table command has also been divided into its own command, with more configuration options.
The command to run param-table:
cherrybomb param-table --file <PATH> --name <SINGLE PARAM NAME(OPTIONAL)>

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We have also deprecated the decider module, fixed some minor bugs.

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For more information you can check our github page, you are always welcome to contribute (check this guide).
To reach out us go to our discord server:

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