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Nathan Hannon
Nathan Hannon

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My Hackathon Entry!

What I built

I built my portfolio, to showcase my other work.

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App Link


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This web app is my portfolio to show off my other projects. Also a Progressive Web App

Link to Source Code

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The purpose of this app was to help in my job search by providing an easy way to show off my work, and web development skills. I also wanted to try out creating a Progressive Web App while I was at it.

How I built it

I used Digital Ocean's App Platform. I learned how to deploy websites to a cloud, and build a full stack web application. I also learned how to turn a website into a Progressive Web App

Additional Resources/Info

This project was created using React.js Node.js, and PostgreSQL. The images are stored in a Google Cloud Bucket.

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raddevus profile image

That site looks really nice. I especially like the background and color scheme. A lot of times when someone uses a background it is completely distracting but this one is nice. I've just completed my entry in the #dohackathon challenge also. If you get a chance take a look and let me know what you think -- especially from a UI / UX standpoint since your site is so nice. Good luck in the challenge.

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Nathan Hannon

Thanks! Good luck to you as well. :)