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Portfolio Template using Flutter

“A clean, beautiful and responsive portfolio template for Developers !”

If you created something awesome and want to contribute then feel free to open Please don’t hesitate to open an pull request.

Source Code -- Live View

Desktop View


Tablet view


Mobile View



✔️ Summary and About me

✔️ Skills

✔️ Proficiency

✔️ Achievements 🏆

✔️ Blogs

✔️ Contact me

Getting Started

From your command line, clone and run developerFolio:

In-order to work with this repo you need to have flutter beta installed on your system.

# Clone this repository
$ git clone 

# Go into the repository
$ cd DeveloperFolio

# Get Packages
$ flutter pub get

# Build Web using Flutter
$ flutter build web

# Launch/View
$ flutter run -d chrome

Deployment 📦

When you are done with the setup, you should host your website online. We highly recommend to read through the docs for Firebase Hosting.

# Before you can install the Firebase CLI, you will need to install Node.js on your machine.
$ npm install -g firebase-tools

# Firebase Login
$ firebase login

# Initialize Firebase
$ firebase init

# Deploy to Firebase
$ firebase deploy

For the Future

  • Dark Mode
  • Connect with LinkedIn to get Summary, Skills, Education and Experience
  • Connect with Github to get Customized Pins, Profile Details Personalization Page to edit everything in once place.

For more details check my blog

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kris profile image

Simple amazing Portfolio template. The designs are simply awesome and beautiful. Thanks for this amazing template repo as well. However, work can be done on Text styles as well to make it look even more ravishing. Motivation can be derived from many flutter templates out there with modern and intuitive design screens along with functionalities that make it easier for anyone to create an app of their own.

33nano profile image

Super cool template

naveenjujaray profile image
Naveen Jujaray

Thank you buddy...