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How to Host Your First Website

Hello Guys ,In this Blog I will tell you how to Host your First website from scratch .
Follow These Steps :

Use Github:

If you Dont know How Github works ,Dont worry ! . I will tell you :)

  • Install Github Desktop:

    you can click this link here and also Create a Account in .

    • Now Open GitHub Desktop and Intialise a git repo .Click 'Add a New Repository '. Give the Repo name of your wish and click create . Hurray your first Git Repo has been created !! Screenshot (6)
  • Creating a New File in that Repo :

    • Open this repo in VS Code or Any other editor of your choice.
    • Create a File index.html.
    • See the Changes Screenshot (7)_LI Screenshot (8)_LI
    • ### Commit Your First Changes :
    • Open Github Desktop ,and Write a commit Message and then click 'Commit to Main '. Some Good practises to write commits :
      • feat - to Add a Feature.
      • fix - to improve bug fix.
      • docs - changes in Document.
      • style - Everything Related to Styling.
      • Refractor - Here the code Changes ,but its neither bug fix or add a new Feature.
      • Test - Related to Testing.
      • chore -Updating Build Tasks,configs etc . Screenshot (9)_LI
  • Finally Add a File .

    • click to know more.
    • Publish Your Repo to Github from your Local Pc .Thats it You Now understand how to use Github and Git Desktop.

Use Netlify to Host our Website :

  • First , Sign upto netlify and link your Github Account.
  • If you followed these steps , then the next steps are piece of Cake for you :) .

  • Select new Site from repository and select your Github repository.

Screenshot (10)_LI

  • Check Deploy and change Domain Name . Screenshot (11)_LI

YAY ! Your website is hosted now :

One Final thing Left :

Understand Pull and push Request :

  • push :
    • After you publish your Repository to Github ,From Now On if you make any changes to your website . Make sure to commit and push the code to your github account.
  • pull :
    • If multiple people are working with the same code base , then For Eg: if your friend commits and pushes the code, MakeSure you pull that code to your Local pc.Thats it !.

Thank you ,Bye :)

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