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Why you should know how to program?

It will help you to have better mental agility and will force you to think of more than one solution for the same problem, and problem-solving is the most important skill in life, don't you think?

Learning how to program will give you a different vision of things, it gives simple solutions to complex problems. Once Steve Jobs said, "Everyone in this country should learn to program on a computer ... because it teaches you to think." And I think you are not wrong. 😏

Knowing how to program gives you a series of benefits that many people are unaware of:

1️⃣ You will develop skills for solving logical problems. Stimulating your creativity and critical thinking.

2️⃣ You will have greater employment opportunities. Currently, there is not enough talent to cover labour demand in the technology sector.

3️⃣ It will give you greater adaptability to the current lifestyle and will help you better understand new technologies 💻

4️⃣ Entrepreneurship will become a tangible option.

5️⃣ It will improve self-esteem and self-confidence. The ability to tackle any technological problem makes you a superhero. And the feeling of solving a code bug, it's an inexplicable feeling, it's great.

I hope this with my post you will cheer up and enter the world of code. I wish you a very productive and happy coding day 😁😉

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