Hi, I'm Navie!

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Hello, world!

I'm Navie Narula and I recently graduated from Columbia University, where I studied computer science and journalism. I'm interested in language analysis, data education, and technical writing. If you have any cool opportunities in these areas, I'd love to hear about them! :)

I also love:

  • attending hackathons (I've been to over 30, I think)
  • teaching (currently advising at Codecademy)
  • coffee (that speaks for itself)

I'm excited to be here on DEV and look forward to contributing here!


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Hello Navie! I see we share the (almost) same interest - journalism (in my case investigative) and technology (mainly information security). Welcome to our forum and feel free to drop a bits of your experience, I (and I hope also few others) would be really interested!


Hi Ondrej, ahh, that's so cool! I'd love to read your work as well! Investigative journalism, and the process behind it, is so interesting to me.


I mainly comment other's work, I'm not the blogger type and at the same time I have very little time to write a comprehensive text on something...(I hope it will change in the future) but I'm pretty active on Twitter, so you can check me there, if you also wanted some tips on how to do security in journalism properly, I have my Jabber/Signal/Wire contacts exposed there, feel free to contact me in case you'll need any advice :)

Btw here are some basic security precautions for (not only) investigative journalists.