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Nazanin Ashrafi
Nazanin Ashrafi

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What I've learned from building my portfolio !

I've been thinking about making my portfolio for a while but wasn't sure if I should actually do it because I didn't have anything to showcase but then I was challenged to make my portfolio in 3 days and accepted it.

Considering my full time job it was pretty challenging for me but I've learned some stuff :

1. I need to make more projects.

After coming up with the structure of my portfolio I thought I could build it without struggling too much but it turned out it was rather hard to apply my knowledge properly!
So myy focus should be on building/recreating easy stuff first, get comfortable with it and then move on to the next level.

2. I need to Get better at googling.

As we all know googling is a must have skill.
While making my portfolio I came across some problems which I didn't know how to put them into words and Google them therefore it led me to spending lots of time on playing around with css to find out how to solve/fix my problems on my own.
This could have been avoided and would have saved my time if I could just Google it.

3. Criticism can be very useful/helpful .

Getting nice and positive feedback sure feels great but (in my opinion) getting criticism is far better .
You may ask why?

Because they will help you see your flaws and work on them to improve.

4. I need to be more confident in my work.

When I showed the demo version of the portfolio to my friends, they said it looks cool.
This may sound stupid but I thought they only said it because they're my friends and didn't want to make me feel bad about my work.
But the truth is they'd considered my knowledge ( I mean how much knowledge I have) and with that in mind they said it's cool.
Obviously I don't have as much experience as a developer who's been working for a long time, so when someone compliments my work I should just take it and be happy about the fact that they liked my work and think I'm getting better at what I do.
But bear in mind that just because your friends like your work, it doesn't mean it's perfect.

These were the lessons I'd learned from making my portfolio which was very valuable. So if you haven't made yours yet, I suggest you get on with it. it might teach you some valuable lessons as well.

A preview version of portfolio is available on my twitter. You can check it out here
Any feedback would be appreciated! 🙏🙏

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Nazanin Ashrafi

Thank you for sharing shadow 🙏🙏