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Nazanin Ashrafi
Nazanin Ashrafi

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You don't need passion to find the work you like!

The word passion can be overwhelming sometimes

We've all seen some successful people who would tell you that they've always known what they liked and what they were passionate about.

About a year ago or so I've watched a TED talk video,It was about :

  • whether you need to be passionate about something to pursue it or not.
  • What if you don't know what your passion is? Is this gonna be the end of the world for you ?

The short answer to above questions are NO , you don't.

If you're doing something you've always been passionate about that's good, I'm happy for you .

But if you can't figure out what your passion is, don't panic, that's totally fine. Believe me you don't really need.
All you need is a strong will to try different things.

Now let me talk about my experience with this matter :

When I first watched that TED talk I really couldn't understand the message behind it, but now I totally get it and believe it was a very powerful speech.

As long as I remember I was passionate about making coffee and always wanted to be a barista but there were some obstacles (such as living in a very small town where people don't like coffee, lack of enough coffee shop in my town, being broke etc) which wouldn't allow me to pursue my dream.
I wanted to do something about my life, but what could I possibly do? Going after my passion was not an option for me...

I decided to randomly pick up the things I liked and gave them a shot (drawing and fashion design).
But they didn't last very long and I eventually dropped them.

One day I was bored and thought about try coding.
The more I learned the more I liked it.

So you see?
If I were to pursue my passion I had to wait forever for a miracle to happen, never would have tried different things to see what works for me and more importantly would have lost the opportunity to get into this amazing field.

But instead tried coding out of curiosity and now :

  • I like it very much.
  • I'm pretty happy with who I've become along the way of this journey.
  • Never thought I'd write something, let alone like blogging but here I am writing and actually enjoy it to the point where I might end up being passionate about it as well lol.
  • Thanks to my new passion the old version of me which was a lazy hopeless person is dead and gone now. ___________________

Came across this tweet earlier :

and my first reaction was "Ah I can relate to him" and thought maybe I should show you guys someone else's experience besides mine.
Mateusz was lost.
I was lost.
We didn't have a passion, we discovered it.

So don't worry if you feel like you don't know what to do or feeling lost...
It's okay...
You're not the only one who's struggling...
Just pick up different things and try them...
You WILL find your passion eventually...
And WILL do great things...

Now I'd like to know your thoughts on this.
Do you agree? πŸ‘
Do you disagree? πŸ‘Ž
Do you have similar experience?

If you're interested to watch the TED talk you can watch here

You can also check out Mateusz's YouTube channel

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ritvikdubey27 profile image
Ritvik Dubey

Wow never knew all this about your story, that's great Nazanin keep going and growing you are really doing very well but I hope at some point of time you will get the chance to do something related to your passion.!🀞✨