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I built a petrol expenditure and vehicle mainetanace tracker app, to help me save money.

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Hello world ;)

I work full time but still enjoy working on passion projects for fun, but also to showcase what I can do, as well as use them to improve upon my skill set. For the past two years or so I’ve been working on a product called ImprezGarage that is, as I dub it: an “An all-in-one vehicle maintenance and petrol expenditure tracker application”.

It’s a WPF application that I started working on when I left my previous company and started at my current one. It’s been a great way to see where I was and where I am now. Like many passion projects by developers, I use it quite regularly myself, to keep track of how much I spend on petrol for my car. Now that I’ve recently changed cars, it has been great to visualise just how much I am saving.

So why am I on here today telling you this? Well I’ve got to a really good point now and think it would be great for others to take a look and see. Maybe even use it themselves to visualize their own petrol expenditure. Or keep record of when they do any maintenance on the vehicle.

I also would love some feedback. Let’s face it, at work there’s always feedback and besides maybe fixing bugs and re-writing code, I’m not sure where else to take it. My first thought is that with it being a desktop application, this might limit the amount of users who would adopt it. Therefore a web application would be better. But as that's not currently my forte I've stuck to the desktop application for now.

I’ve also been reading about other people's successes on here (as well as other sites) and I think to myself: “I could also do that”.

If this interests you please head over to and take a look.


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