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Quick tip about setTimeout function

In JavaScript, we have the event loop.

So, without Web Workers, JavaScript is single-threaded, non-blocking, asynchronous, concurrent language.

What can I do with the setTimeout function ?
I can launch the execution of a part of your code after a delay.

The delay may be longer than intended.

setTimeout(() => console.log('After the delay'), 5000);

console.log('Before the delay');

// Printed => 'Before the delay'
// After ≈ 5 secondes => 'After the delay'
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One more thing

Sometimes you can see this kind of code.

setTimeout(() => { = 'yellow'}, 0)
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We are manipulating a property of a node element (it's a DOM element).
But the DOM is not ready, someHTMLNode doesn't exist.

ThesetTimeout(fn, 0) is a workaround, we can delay our affection after the DOM rendering !

That's it, make good use of it !

I'm not a native English speaker so, thanks in advance if you want to improve my article with correct syntax/grammar/sentences.

I can accept all kind remarks :)

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