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Virtual Yoga Instructor during this lockdown


The human body being the most complex biochemical factory, learning how to engineer it helps enter a sense of modalities at will. everything is online now and people can't go outside due to corona. So this solution is more apt for the current problem each and everyone is facing. This project’s main objective is to motivate society to practice yoga by providing a comfortable environment by building a virtual yoga instructor.

The project uses pose estimation, smart assistance has been built to guide and instruct users throughout their practice period to attain the correct posture. This helps users experience a hassle-free environment and enhances rendition. This can also be used to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension through a series of guided meditative poses.


The influx of technological advancements provides a chance for Scientists and researchers to explore new ideas for solving day to day problems of the world. Physical fitness plays a very important role in shaping the mind and body to lead a positive way of life. Through the art of yoga, one can achieve inner peace. People in their busy lives find it difficult to visit different yoga studios and places to get the right platform. The existing yoga practices involve either high-cost machinery or complex software. In order to provide a more optimized experience, yoga is given more significance rather than involving unneeded other fitness exercises.

Link to code
Check out the web application too

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