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From writing code in Ink & a Diary to organising the biggest Laravel meetup

In this podcast I talk about how I became a developer and the challenges I faced along the way.

I also talk about how I started the Laravel Nigeria meetup from zero to 350 RSVP and 150 on the waitlist; essentially making it a meetup bigger than most conferences.

Go ahead listen up and please tell me what you think and if you were inspired.

Link to Podcast: Laravel Podcast S3 Ep3

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Dayo "Flipponachi" Ojo Jnr

Truth of the matter really is that the podcast really was lit, I don't stroke any body's ego, I say my mind and be done with it. My biggest moment was the $32k profit from the gif stunt, it made me realize how different platforms allows more money if maximized effectively.
However, the biggest moment for me during the podcast was the fact that against all odds of no pc and the likes, you learnt web dev via cybercafe most folks will never know what that means, but those of us who know KNOW!!! In it all, the podcast was lovely