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Michael Vogt
Michael Vogt

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DevOps Jobs - I don't get it!

So there are a lot of DevOps job offerings out there. Quite a lot of job offerings I see are NOT DevOps jobs - but only Ops jobs. DevOps without doing Dev is Ops!

Whats your view about this topic?

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Marcell Cruz

I don't get it too, but I also don't get a lot of other jobs in tech. They're so specific that the only explanation that I can think of is that HR people don't know enough about software development, and companies don't know what they employees do.

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Raphael Habereder • Edited

There is certainly a disconnect between the people that write job offers and actual Devops. As was always, and will continue to, until a bit of time passes and the term establishes itself.

I've been in projects where the devops team was just a collection of glorified Jenkins Maintainers, responsible solely for CI/CD.
Others, where the devops was just an ops, doing actual Linux maintenance, far from any Dev stuff.

Right now I'm in the very first project where one devops is actually part of each Dev team. Doing real devops stuff. Still not as close to the definition as I'd like (teams consisting of only devops with varying levels of specialization between the two fields), but it's already way more productive than the previous gigs.

I'd say give it time for HR/Headhunters to adjust. To this day I'm still getting offers that are looking for J2EE developers, completely oblivious of the fact it's been called JEE, then JavaEE and now JakartaEE in the meantime, so it'll probably be a while 😅

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Nans Dumortier

JakartaEE 😂

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Alex Sarafian • Edited

Oh this is my sensitive topic. Unfortunately DevOps is yet another blunder in tech from all the people who have actually no relation to tech.

DevOps wasn't Dev+Ops though it has become that. It referred originally to a culture or a discipline where the automation for everything is fundamental but not a synonym. And then all the people started writing in the internet, all the bosses read those opinions, nobody took any time to read literature, marketing got involved Azure DevOps and training companies started selling by the kilo to unqualified people who we have a lot in tech. Long story short, we did yet another agile type blunder and promoted a culture to skill, because culture is difficult and a checklist is easier to the uninitiated.

Anyhow, you can read more about in if you want [here]( But seriously, read a book or the book from the post and don't take my word for it. Also the videos I've posted in the comments are interesting as well.

Unfortunately the damage is done and DevOps is has deviated very much from the original understanding. Now everyone is doing DevOps, every company has a DevOps department and nobody is actually doing this.

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John Peters

Develops should know the entire pipeline to production.

In large companies production pipelines are highly controlled, for good reason. Only experts work there.

There is one aspect where software has to be pushed to thousands of computers. That part, automating the delivery is a science and takes lots of planning and effort. There are entire teams that only do that.

With newer Cloud services much of the expertise for pipeline degrees has been diminished. Just push a button to spin up entire production level machines.

One large company I worked with had two master degree devops engineers. They made releases go flawlessly.

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Michael Vogt • Edited

Develops should know the entire pipeline to production.

I could not agree more!

One large company I worked with had two master degree devops engineers. They made releases go flawlessly.

thats my point, thats not DevOps, that Ops!

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John Peters • Edited

All depends on definition. To me devops is collaboration of developers and operations. The entire pipeline is from developer code to delivery and subsequent maintenance.

Devops is the entire development to release and maintenance of software. So you are right it's everything dealing with software releases.

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MertSenel • Edited

DevOps is hybrid mate some companies are looking for former sysadmins who also knows software development environment, release management, monitoring & alerting etc all the Ops stuff etc and also be able to do these things with code/automation.

Some companies looks for a practically a software dev who know servers and did a bit of production server side support, did the deployment in pre-devops era etc. These guys can generate code faster and very useful if Business Intelligence pipelines, other data streaming pipelines(mainly bringing your products usage insights data to business departments) then companies look for developer background people who they can also use their database and backend coding skills.

Im sure there would be people who would value your "Dev" skillset but you just have to find the right DevOps role.

Is your struggle is with getting the roles or just finding roles that its day to day activities and overall responsibilities align with your wishes?