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Live Coding: Why am I so anxious?

When I initially came to Twitch as a streamer about a year ago I was playing other peoples games. A pastime I still enjoy, but as I played them and was the vessel behind the telling of their stories I realized something. I had always wanted to be a writer and I never realized that this was a way I could tell amazing stories.

I got into coding as a way to get into video game development. The thing with that is as a sole developer on a game that makes you responsible for everything. The art, the story and every damn piece of code that makes the thing run. So how exactly do I turn that whole process into content people will watch? I’ve watched bits and pieces of other peoples game development streams, and it works for them. They end up with anywhere from ten to fifty viewers. Why is then that the idea of coding in front of other people terrifies me?

It could be my lack of confidence in my skill. The fact that I spend more time googling how to code things then actually coding makes me afraid to put myself out there. I am always proud of the work that I do and what it looks like when its done, but it just doesn’t seem like performance worthy stuff to watch.

So I’ve decided to present my game development process to the world in a way that makes sense to me. We start off with the storytelling. We will write the game script, then move on to the graphic design and then move on to the coding, By the time we get to the coding portion we should know 100% where the game is going so the coding is just there to bring it all together. Hopefully having all that done will help get me through the coding without to much anxiety. If you would like to join me on that journey you can follow me on twitch here:

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