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How to find the right sponsor for your opensource project

The ongoing maintenance and growth of open source projects are clearly in the best interest of the software companies using them. And yet, raising money for an open-source project is difficult, and many developers struggle with finding the right sponsors for their open source projects. What is the best way to get the resources open source developers need to keep developing?

Boiling point:
The open-source sustainability problem has become a burning issue for both OSS developers and software companies. We are reaching a boiling point; Open source components already comprise 70% of code in most software products developed today, and they are maintained by individuals or small teams. These developers work out of their own volition, and without getting the much-needed resources, they just won’t be able to continue maintaining their code on an ongoing basis.

We participated in Sustain OSS in Brussels this January, together with a very respectable representation of software companies (Github, Google, Facebook, and more, who sponsor open source projects in millions of dollars every year). Senior developers and leaders of the open source community from across the globe also attended. It was amazing to see more than 100 people in the same room, working in work-groups and sharing their ideas and thoughts, trying to solve the open source sustainability problem. There was a sense of urgency in the room. People felt like this problem has become something that needs addressing – now.

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An Animated Guide to Node.js Event Loop

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