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Hi all,

once again I wanted to take a little time to show you all something else we have created. this is a dashboard where anyone (servers, wait staff, anyone) effected by covid19 can come and add their bills to our dashboard and hope that someone out their will take care of one of their bills for the month.

If you have any questions please comment below or email us at

If you dont mind also, please share the link of and give us some love on producthunt as well at

Thank you!

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Good idea! Doing the bit for the community. UI could do with a full overhaul if I'm honest. If you have a quick search across Dribbble, I'm sure there's a ton of epic designs that you could use to improve this.

Is there any kind of verification process a person has to go through to post a bill? What's to stop someone simply creating a random bill for $100 and faking a story? Maybe need some ID verification (I'm sure there's third party plugins/services that can do this). I think possibly every post should be approved by an admin before it goes live, for an added layer of security/to filter trolls.


Honestly, what's stopping the developer from just pocketing it themselves?


Potentially setting up a direct payment to the person via their payment choice? For example enforce a paypal recipient as the bill creator?

So, what we decided to do to keep everyone honest throughout the process is produce receipts for payments and give everyone access to them if that makes sense.


Great idea.

I can't create an account.

"Error occured: There is no user record corresponding to this identifier. The user may have been deleted." Is shown at the top on registration.

In the console there is a 400 error for the google api identity toolkit.


error: {code: 400, message: "EMAIL_NOT_FOUND",…}
code: 400
message: "EMAIL_NOT_FOUND"
errors: [{message: "EMAIL_NOT_FOUND", domain: "global", reason: "invalid"}]
0: {message: "EMAIL_NOT_FOUND", domain: "global", reason: "invalid"}
message: "EMAIL_NOT_FOUND"
domain: "global"
reason: "invalid"

Is the response.


it should be fixed now. Thank you!


Hi all we just gave the app an update! go check it out!

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