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Hi everyone,

My name is Michele and I follow this community since 2018, I never wrote a post but I think that I will have to start to do it because I am really soaking in programming and I want to start to write about it as well.

The reason of this post as per title is very simple, I would like you guys if you can to review my personal portfolio and tell me from 1 to 10 what do you think about it.

I have a lot of projects on but some of them are quite simple, I am working on make more of them, I found 11 projects that I want to do in the next few months.

Anyway let me know if a portfolio like mine is a ready to apply for a junior position.


thank you for your time.



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There's potential but needs some cleaning up. I highly recommend checking out TailwindUI for some inspiration. It's probably worth checking out Tailwind as well. It's worth making use of a CSS framework, especially for layout.

I'd tweak the shadows on the site to make them more complementary.

The hover effect on social channels is a nice touch, could nice to have the background gradients matching the social colors.

The transition between pages is another nice feature, adding some solid color between the transition will clean up the text/images overlapping when transitioning.

For me, your skills are showing as 0%, don't know if that's a bug or content.

Anyway, some nice features here but just needs a cleanup, which is something I'd use a CSS framework for, especially Tailwind.

Good work πŸŽ‰


Hey Mark thank you for your suggestions, I will have a look at talwind for sure.

The skills are at 0% when you get in the about page because at tje end there is a button to press to show the percentage.

Designing always been my weakness unfortunately.


I'd make the skills animate without the user having to click the button, it's easy to miss.

You'll love Tailwind if designing is a struggle, it takes away a LOT of the complications.


Hey michele,

I saw your site it is nice, you can certainly take some ui inspiration from sites like stripe.com, basecamp.com in color combinatiom and box shadow but overall your site is nice built.

I was wondering, do you need all these tags #react, #graphql, #javascript, #gatsby since you dont even mention them once in your post?


Hey Saurabh thx for your review,

Well I didn't really know how to use them so I just put them to show the technology I used for the portfolio.

Next time I will put the tags just if I mention the relative technology in my post then, thanks for the advice.


I haven't looked at all of your projects, but I took a look at the ecommerce application.

First of all, the site isn't loading or working properly, and it looks really terrible on mobile.
If you are going to upload a project to your portfolio, at least ensure that it works as intended and that it looks good in all resolutions.

If you want to see how it can look like as well as the code for it, you may take a look at the following links:




Hey webdesign thank you for the review,

I am aware that the e-commerce app it is not responsive like other projects, mainly because the focus on them was more to learn and understand the functionality.

The projects in the portfolio are 16 but few of them are more like features than apps and I chosen to display them to show a possible employer with what tecnologies I worked and what features I am able to do.

I am working on more projects that I found on youtube to learn as much as possible.

I know that as junior they do not expect from you to know a lot, but I love to learn always new stuff.

If I have time I will make that app reaponsive and maybe I will check why works slow.


I understand, however, I would definitely take the time to polish up the site and at least make it into a MVP (minimum viable product).

Having half-done projects on your portfolio is in my personal opinion a big no-no.

Don't focus on having a ton of advanced features if you want to save time, but at least make it work and look good. Then you can focus on adding more features as you learn and understand more.

Making the shopping cart functionality work and making the site responsive is definitely something I imagine that a junior developer would be capable of implementing.


Hi, there are a few things that can be improved:

  • There are logs in the console when someone is navigated to the About or Blog page. It should not be logged in the console.

  • I would not suggest using a percentage to estimate the strength of your skills. It is very subjective and people don't really know what you mean by '60% React'. For someone, it means pro-level and for someone else, it means noob level.

  • You are using the Gatsby icon logo for your website and I suggest creating your own one or remove it.

I hope it was helpful! Keep up the good work✌️


Hey Andry thanks for the review, yes apparently I left some console.log in the code maybe when I was debugging.

The gatsby logo yes you right I meant to change it but I got busy on doing other projects and I forgot.

For the skills yes the interpretation is personal, but it is a nice feature that I wanted to build, but if I come up with other ideas probably I will change it.

thank you