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Building a better JIRA

Our next product will be a better version of jira. We are looking into how that will look and how we can make the software place a better world. Yes, we know that this is a big challenge and there will be many bugs and things that need worked on. We also, want some opinion. If you think this is a great product/project to work on what are some things you dislike/like about jira that you would like to see in our new product?

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Brett Stevenson

Please do! We switched from Trello to Jira a few months ago at work and while it's more of an all-encompassing application and has a lot of helpful tools, I can't help but miss the simplicity and ease that we had with Trello.
The main complaints I can think of off the top of my head are that the navigation is extremely unintuitive, you have to go through like three different pages just to be able to get very basic filtering functionality, and cards don't support checklists.