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Organizing Local Tech Scenes, A Podcast Episode

Hey everyone! I haven't forgotten about all of you. Just had a wild week and a half at work that we're just now getting on top of.

There are still some posts in the pipeline about building, configuring, and running applications on my Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster!

Until then, I thought it would be worth sharing an episode of a podcast I was on this past weekend.

Between Two Rocks Podcast: Episode 22 -

In my free time, I help run a local tech group called Several years ago, this group was created to pull all of the disparate Meetup groups in town (different languages, stacks, technologies) under one banner. I've been involved as a board member for about a year now and it's been a wild ride.

We were invited onto this podcast by another of our board members and we discussed how we want to grow out our local scene and focus more on inclusivity and diversity.

Hopefully, this might provide some nugget of wisdom to any of you out there who might be wanting to get more involved in your local developer community. Whether you want to help organize more events or stand up a Meetup group of your own, rest assured that there are developers in your area who will greatly appreciate the effort you put in to help grow your scene.

For all of you already helping run similar groups, what are you doing to provide more value for your members? We're always trying to find ways to do more with less help organizing, so I'm curious about anything and everything you're doing regarding throwing events, growing a sense of community, and fostering a support group.

Again, Raspberry Pi cluster articles inbound! Until then, stay frosty.

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