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Free coding courses through May!

scosta profile image Saul Costa ・2 min read

While you are home staying safe and keeping others safe, we want to make sure you have everything you need to keep learning coding and working on your projects. That's why a couple of weeks ago, we decided to make all of Next Tech's interactive courses and sandboxes free through April. Now, we're extending that through May!

Staying home is incredibly important, but so is your ability to continue learning new skills. With Next Tech courses, you can learn coding, web development, data science, and other skills directly from your browser with hands-on projects. No downloads required!

Here are some of the top courses on Next Tech right now that other dev.to readers have enjoyed:

Just need a spot to write some code right now? Here are a few:


Launch a Python sandbox here.


Launch a Java sandbox here.


Launch a Swift sandbox here.

And of course, if you're a student, you can apply for the GitHub Student Developer Pack and get one year of Next Tech access completely free!

We hope that this free month of access will help you keep learning and building from home. Stay safe!

Best wishes from Next Tech.

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