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Since the onset of JavaScript you've been able to dynamically set title and meta tags. However neither SEO nor semantic HTML is about just those things.

I really like this explanation of why semantic HTML matters through the lens of TypeScript by Mandy Michael. Making your HTML semantic gives it meaning to other machines.

Some of those machines are search engine bots trying to find the structure of a page, what the headings are, where the main article is, and so on, some of those machines are the reader modes that are built into browsers and sometimes they are accessibility tools trying to read a page to someone with different abilities.

Building your web pages with a base of semantic HTML will help with SEO and all of those use cases as well as others that haven't necessarily been thought of yet.


Massively important. You should be using HTLM5 tags like header, footer, main, aside, and article to assist screen readers and assistive technologies. Do not exclude those who are less fortunate because of laziness! Everybody should be able to access the web!

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