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Emmanuel C. Ngowi
Emmanuel C. Ngowi

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Don't Give Up, Just Yet.

Hello friends, It's been a while since we last talk, well today I want to share with you something which I believe will aspire you to inspire others.
We are living in a World affected by numerous problems, from global warming to poverty and global pandemic of Covid-19 and its effects on economies and people's lives. We all have to agree that, we are living in some really hard times!. One thing I'm really certain is, we will overcome this and any other problem that may come our way in one way or another we will prevail all of them.
I took my time off learning computer programming through because I wanted to practice some of the basic knowledge I've already acquired through their impressive program
I've shared some of those projects here (in and some are in
However, in some points in my learning phase I've found myself being angry for not being able to either understand the concepts or ability to complete the required projects (there are some challenges that developers in should compete before completion of certain topic or concept) it's really confusing sometimes (maybe you have found yourself in a similar situation) through these two scenarios I would feel sad, and angry at the same time and in some cases I would switch off my laptop and go out (just to rest for some time)

While I'm out there I ask myself some tough questions like, "I'm I a Quitter?, Why I started learning coding in the first place?, What's my end goals in life?

Through those questions I found my balance again to stand up and restart the entire concept (for instance, applied visual design concepts) and by doing so I would be able to easily Understand and finish all of its challenges!

My message to you is learning to code isn't easy, as a matter of fact nothing worthwhile is easy, so don't feel sad or angry on yourself for not being teachable or understanding the concepts or even unable to complete coding challenges, maybe you have been learning too many concepts at once or maybe it's just a burnout!, take it easy and learn at your own pace.
Remember a certified Bachelor Degree applicant has to spend 2-4 years in University, so there's no rush for you to learn HTML + CSS + JavaScript and other languages in just 1 week to 2 months, It takes time to learn and understanding valid concepts in each language (from markup languages to programming languages)
Don't give up! You got this and remember that you're getting better everyday because you're investing into yourself.

May you carry on the passion to learn, and Practicing what you've learned through doing Projects! and regardless of what adversities you might find yourself into, just believe that you can overcome it, you're better than your adversities and know that each and everyone here in Community are ready to assist you through shared experiences of our journeys.

Until next time friends, be safe and let's carry on building a safer and exciting projects

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Fatimah Alamoudi

Thank you. Very helpful. We all need to remember one thing is that whenever we feel low, it's ok to take some rest but it's not ok to give up or pushing ourselves to the limit.

Take care. :)

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Emmanuel C. Ngowi Author

Thank you Fatimah, you're absolutely right, we have to stick to the daily goals we have set to ourselves and not completing them doesn't mean we are weak or lazy it's just okay because we are humans (burnouts is one of the reason that make most of us lost and give up learning something new)