How to make passive income when you are a developer

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Photo by John Salzarulo on Unsplash
Photo by John Salzarulo on Unsplash

Same to you, I'm a developer, I wonder what other people do to make the passive income e.g., write the blog, selling something on the internet... But I really want to use my coding skills to do that, I'm happy to coding and I don't want to change my job just to make the passive income.

What do you think?


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Neither maintaining a blog nor selling things online are passive.
The only kinds of passive income I can think of are things like stock portfolios or savings accounts, where you pay someone else to do the work of generating income. I can't afford to dabble in the stock market, and savings don't usually have good interest rates, so I don't have a good answer for you.


I see. Stock or saving accounts is not enough to generate monthly income, it's likely a long-term value investment. Anyway, thank for your answer 👌.


I used to run a few mobile apps (serving with ads), the revenue is not so much, just around 200-300$/month but it's kind of a good passive income (because I lived in Vietnam at that time, the living cost there is so cheap, 500$ would be good for a family of 3 in one month).

Now moved to the US and stopped running the apps, the only thing I do out of office hours now is blogging and crypto trading, neither of them gained me any money :sobbing:


What app? Why did you stop?


It was the iOS version of Google Keep (they didn’t have iOS version at that time). And when Google released their own iOS app, somebody reported my app, lol. It was taken down and for some reason, I gave up.

Hehe.great. So you were the guy,I had have told if I had an ioS.


Passive income still needs we spend time on that, even working hard on that. The difference is if I stop working on it, for example, a month, I still have the income. But if I stop a full-time job I have no income immediately.