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Writing Effective Python - Production Readiness

A lot of folks that I speak with that are trying to learn python aren't sure what to do after Code Academy or how to write code that is ready to ship to production. I wanted to create a few lessons for beginners on things they can implement in their code that isn't about code quality per say, but overall quality of the project. So I put together a few short videos to share some of my experience.

Part 1 - Basic application layout and implementation
Part 2 - Implement command line arguments
Part 3 - Encapsulate the logic in a module
Part 4 - Add automated test coverage
Part 5 - Implement logging

I hope this video series is helpful to folks new to Python and software development in general.

You can see the videos here:

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Hi, please make a brief tutorial about how to handle production-ready deployments with Docker and Kubernetes and CI/CD; that will be really helpful.