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Compile Podcast Ep 5: Developer Workflow

This is reposted from my personal site.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Compile Podcast, a show where 2 programmers talk about anything and everything!

In this episode, we talk about Developer Workflow with a great guest. We discuss the differences between uni and industry software projects, with some funny stories and some helpful tips, whether you are working or studying.

Next week we will have a new guest with a new topic! So subscribe and stay tuned!

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  • 00:00 Intro.
  • 00:40 Catch up with John.
  • 06:07 Developer Workflow: how we do software projects.
    • 06:42 Uni vs industry project workflow
    • 18:48 Main framework: waterfall + agile
    • 25:04 The main stages of a typical software project
    • 52:04 “Compile down to essentials”.
  • 53:10 Pick and Plug.

Links in this episode:

The Mythical Man-Month:\

Waterfall development process:

Agile development process:

John and Steve’s podcast “The Discomfortable Zone”:

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