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Programming Resources for Kids

nickytonline profile image Nick Taylor (he/him) twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

For those of you with children at home during these “interesting” times that are teaching programming at home, what are your go to resources?

If possible, list the age range for the resource. Hopefully we can build an awesome list of resources here. 💪

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Nice resource. If you want to localize it to Spanish, I wouldn't mind helping.


Thanks for the offer :-) My DEV connect is open, please message me there so I can find you again.


Minecraft education edition they will be stuck with it for hours. If you teach them on how to program the npc or special effects.

Oh yeah one more is sonic pi. It's really cool that will instantly capture the kids interest in making music as a DJ


Modding games and Minecraft redstone tutorials are great ways to get kids interested in dev :)


As I'm a coding instructor to kids in the past.

The most important key is that you should get them interested in the fun way.

Either something physical that, provides rapid feedback or visual stimulating is the way to go for kids.

Sonic Pi By Sam Aaron at GOTO conferences


There’s definitely staples like:

I’ve also recently discovered Tynker (age 7+)

Aside from that, I’m looking to get my kids signed up to some virtual classes with (age 7+)

One last mention. @nnja put on an amazing Twitch stream last week for kids using MakeCode and Adafruit.


I recently saw this on Mozilla's blog: Learn web technology at “sofa school”:

Lots of kids around the world are learning from home right now. In this post, I introduce free resources based on web technologies that will help them explore and learn from the safety of their living rooms. VR headsets and high-end graphics cards aren’t necessary. Really, all you need is a web browser!


I'm also interested in this. I have two girls at home 7 and 12 years old, and would like to start teaching them programming. The older one got a Micro:bit from school a couple of years back. She's already familiar with some concepts. I also have a Raspberry Pi. So we pretty much have the hardware. We played with the Micro:bit last night.

We also have a language barrier. They are not yet very good in English so I can't really leave them on their own. So I guess my responsibility is bigger and need to sit them down and start learning. :)


Raspberry Pi 4 for the win :) I promise both the kids and you will be glued to that thing until midnight.


What ages do you consider children? (I might know a few things that could help depending on the age)


Well I was hoping people would post resources with age ranges. 😄I guess a child would be 5-12?


Okay (I'm a teenager so I know some good resources for that range)


With help of open source contributors I've curated this list of resources:


I know Scratch only which suitable for kids ,,but amazing thanks for my friends I discover a lot of other resources

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