Show off your Hacktoberfest Swag!

Nick Taylor (he/him) on November 10, 2019

I completed Hacktoberfest this year. It was actually the first time I participated. I am definitively looking forward to receiving my t-shirt and s... [Read Full]
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I live in brazil. Probably my hacktoberfest stuff will arive only in april :'(


Even though you have a longer wait, I’m sure It will be awesome when it arrives.

The Lord is testing me


Mine arrived in the ending of November last year. (Ribeirão Preto SP)


Definitely haven't gotten mine yet. Didn't figure I'd see it until December!


Yeah, depends where you live. I'm in Canada, so I'm expecting it probably in December as well.


Woo! Loving my newly stickered up laptop! Confused...what are the sharks for?



Why won't you rotatttteeeee!?


I think it's Sammy the shark from digital ocean.


Can't wait to get mine. This was also my first time doing Hacktoberfest but will definitely be doing so again next year.


Will we get both a grey and navy blue shirt this year?? Or why is there a color diff between the pics


No idea. It’s the first time I participate.


This is my third year (killingspree!) so this would be new for me.


Congrats to you too! 🎉It's my first time to participate as well and I'm in Singapore now so probably need to wait for another month haha!


I am waiting for mine too, hope it comes soon.
but I guess it will take time as I am in UAE.
Please send it soon @DigitalOcean


I can't wait to get mine! So exited.
Second year that I participated and I hope to contribute a couple more years.


Not really expecting it to arrive before end of January, based on previous years experience.


I'm really looking forward to it! Wonder how long it'll take them to ship it to Germany.

December wouldn't be that bad - I'd be happy to stack it up under the christmas tree! 🎄


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I am in Nepal hope it arrives before december.

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