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Nick Taylor (he/him)
Nick Taylor (he/him)

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What's your dream job?

Just having some Tuesday night fun here. I'm curious what folks' dream job is. Let's hear it at all.

Kelly Clarkson telling you you can do anything and to dream big

Some potential dream criteria:

  • Company or type of company
  • type of work/language(s)
  • ideal PTO
  • perks etc.

Dream big. 😎

Discussion (18)

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Michael Kohl

For me it's been compilers for a long time. I like working on languages and have fixed bugs/made minor contributions to several (Ruby, JRuby, Rust) and wrote some toy interpreters and virtual machines of my own. This is an area I'd really like to work in professionally, but alas it never quite happened.

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Back in a day I was fascinated by the gamedev. Truth is I still am, but wouldn't dare to step my foot in that industry (there are way too many things wrong with it).

On more realistic note - it should be a product company I'd believe in, have direct communication channel with the end users, minimal zoom/in-person meetings, small team of likeminded people and trust from the leadership to let us do what we think is right, without thinking about the budgets, resources, politics, reporting, meetings and other counter-productive BS so ingrained in our industry.

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Prathamesh Kowarkar

Why would I aspire to have a dream job? My dream job is to be able to pursue whimsies or passions like woodworking or robotics or stargazing or infinite coding side projects without having to worry about financial security for me and my parents.

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Software Engineer but in another country.

It could Australia, New Zealand, Finland or other places. I would like to relocate due to many reason I cannot state here to prevent controversial debate (They're not related to programming.). I would love to work with functional programming languages such as Haskell, Clojure or Racket. Any other languages are fine.

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Catherine Mohan

Business process improvement and automation. My favorite projects are where I get to sit down with a team and really dig into their process and see where we can add a bit of technology to make it flow better. I really enjoy being able to help them make real improvements, not just adding another shiny new tool that doesn't actually make things better.

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Muhammad Hasnain • Edited

Any job where I can be lazy. I'm a web engineer but also a creative person. I can find solutions to problems that my colleagues cannot but I absolutely hate grinding and doing repetitive and boring work.

TBH, no idea if such a job exists. If it does, please, let me know.

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Nick Taylor (he/him) Author

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I want to be a superhero, I want to work for the world's best online education platform that is free and accessible for everyone. I want the children to have all the opportunities only the rich has, regardless where they are born in the world. I hope this world will come before I die.

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Ryan Latta

At the start of the pandemic I took a leap to do what I thought I always wanted and became an independent consultant.

I'm more satisfied now than I have ever been and I still see how much more growth there is ahead of me.

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Albert Zeyer
  • Doing research on artificial intelligence.
  • Having nice colleagues to work with and to learn from.
  • Having lots of computing resources.
  • Having lots of freedom.
  • Getting good money.
  • Safe job, unlimited contract.
  • Stay in your country of choice.
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Ronaldo Peres

Game developer, any platform - since I was a kid... in the time of Atari, Nes, Master System

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Mansi Saxena

Data Scientist🤞

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I need more experience right now, then dream job will find me 😊

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corporate office job

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Benadjaoud Abdelhak

i live in a country like a shitt , and iwont to be a dev just for leaving , hope

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don't give up! I made it.

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I have always wanted to be a software engineer at Netflix. It would be so nice being one of the mobile devs(kotlin or react native) or frontend devs(react) over there.