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Why I'm doing another round of 100 days of code

A couple months ago I finished my online 'bootcamp' ( for lack of a better word ) at OpenClassrooms and, as soon as I could, focused on finding a job as a developper. Par for the course really, after all I didn't spend all this time learning to code and building projects to continue moving packages for Amazon...

The problem is, I practically stopped working on projects to just focus on finding job offer and apply while continue working at my old job.
Big mistake: in the 2 months and countless applications I got 2 things:

  • 1 interview
  • another back injury Clearly So I quit my job at Amazon ( no worries, I qualify for 2 years of benefits in my country )

And this is why I'm doing another 100 days of code: to re-focus on the important thing.

I will document it on here every few days or so, and when Twitter is too limited.

ps: please excuse my english, it is not my first language and I'm sure it shows...
Do not hesitate to correct me either, help is always appreciated.

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decodekim profile image

that's a good idea to stay focused on coding even while looking for a job. I hope your back heals quick!

rammina profile image

Oh you have an injury, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you recover soon.

Good luck, I'm doing #100DaysofCode as well!