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5 Questions Your Logo Designer Must Ask You

The logo is one important part of your overall branding and requires the marketer to be sure of what they are designing and how they wish it to be. However, people often confuse it with the regular branding material and do not give much attention which later results in your competitor winning from you and taking your customers away. The significance of a logo is undeniable and we all know how they can make or break your overall logo. With the help of an effective logo, your brand can create effective marketing opportunities, awareness regarding your brand, and most importantly can communicate the message of your organization to the whole world.

Your brand logo has a plethora of responsibilities make sure you are keeping your designer all knowledgeable when it comes to the core responsibilities and values of your brand. The perfect way to get your logo right is to ensure your logo designer is asking you all the right questions. In most cases, the designers do not take in much information about the brand and then end up designing a logo that does not resonate with the brand. In order to make sure the designer does not mess up with your logo, you have to make sure you are giving them some basic information about your brand and everything about it.

1) What represents your company the best?

What does your company do? Are you a service provider? Or product? Do you sell clothes? Or design wedding cards for the couples? Or maybe your company offers logistics services to the businesses. There is a whole list of jobs that your organization may be involved in. And there are many ways through which you can indicate your brand and tell the world all about it with the help of the right logo.

Whatever your business is, think of the element that you think describes your business the best, any single image would do that. Take an example of Amazon, how they sell everything from A to Z and hence they have them in their logo. Similarly, have a look at the FedEx logo, everybody knows what it does (courier company) and they use arrows to showcase it. You can use a happy face to show your brand sells children’s clothes. And if you are a restaurant owner you can just use a coffee cup or some forks and spoons to represent your brand.

2) What resonates with your brand?

Give your brand and yourself some time and think of how you want your logo to be? What do you think resonates with your brand the best? Got an idea? If yes then you should write them all down and start working on them. If not, then you should look for logo design services around you or just search them up online you would find a whole lot of options everywhere making it easier for you. You do not have to look for the logos of your industry only, you can just simply look for the ideas and list down all the logos that remained in your head and you think would work the best later.

Now is the time you look for all the related elements and see how these elements can come into your logo and click with your brand. Maybe you like some brand’s color or the font or some elements in them. You can choose whatever you like the best and them incorporate them in your logo.

3) Who are the competitors?

Unless you are the first one in the market with your kind of products or services there is always a huge list of competitors in the market. The main idea of the logo is to help the audience differentiate your brand from the competitors, with just a simple look you can understand what the brand is about and what they deal in. At this stage look for the elements, font, colors that they are using, and how they are incorporating them in your logo.

When you look at the logo of a coffee shop you would see how they see a cup with some streaming lines coming out from it indicating the steaming hot coffee. Or some would just use the element of coffee bean or tea leaf (if the brand is all about tea). The next step should be to take a step backward and think about how you want your logo to be? Do you want to do what your competitors did or do you want to come up with something new? Ideally, it is better to come up with something new entirely. However, this is not easy for every brand out there, therefore they often go with the same kind of logos as the regular competitors and brands go for.

4) What colors go best with your brand?

Now that you have studied the competitors and you have done some on-hand research as well, at this stage, you should think of the colors that go best with your brand. One of the many mistakes that most brand owners do is they choose the colors according to their own preferences, which often backfires.

Every color has its own meaning in its branding world so it is imperative for a brand to make sure the color that they are choosing goes with the brand. Red shows boldness, aggression and youth. Green indicates peace, nature, and calmness. One the other hand, orange goes with the friendly and quirky brands. So, choose your colors accordingly.

5) What fonts do you want for the brand?

Fonts indicate the emotions that you want your audience to feel when they come across your brand and logo. Therefore, first think about how you want them to feel exactly? Do you want them to be excited? Or peaceful? Or happy or just plain no emotions? Choose the fonts accordingly and incorporate them in your logo.
If your brand is informal and gives off quirky and comic vibes, you can go with Comic Sans. On the other hand, if you have some formal brand and want to give off some sophisticated newspaper kind of vibes then you can go with Century Old Style and Times Roman.

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