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Niharika Pujari
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How I cleared my AWS cloud practitioner exam in 3 weeks?

A little about myself πŸ₯

I am a software engineer, working for about 3 years now. I decided to give my self some challenge for my professional development so I chose to learn about AWS. I had no prior experience with cloud concepts, so if you are new to cloud, then the foundational certification is the way to go!

The first thing I would suggest is to set a date for your exam:

The best motivation to start preparing for the AWS certified exam is to Schedule the exam.

How to schedule the exam?

Follow this link to Schedule Exam. Since I was planning to give the exam from my home office, I opted for the Pearson Vue option.

Once you register for the exam, the confirmation mail will have the necessary details needed for the exam. Video Reference

What resources I used:

  • A Cloud Guru:
    A cloud guru course set a foundation for what to expect on the exam, I found the chapter summary and exam tips to be very helpful.

  • Udemy practice exams:
    After preparing for about 2 weeks (2 hours everyday), I started giving some practice tests on Udemy. I found these exams useful since they gave me a taste on what kind of questions I should expect in my exam. Udemy practice tests

  • White papers:
    I did not get a chance to go over all the white papers, but I did take a glance on the glossary and read through the topics which I was not comfortable with. I would recommend reading the white papers when you are close to the exam.

  • AWS Free training:
    This course helped me tremendously to understand cloud concepts with real life exams. Huge shout out to the content creators!! AWS free training

On exam day:

I just read through the notes I prepared for the exam during the cloud guru course I took and the Udemy practice questions that I answered incorrectly. Try to keep calm and take a walk! 😌


I hope these resources, links and my experience helps you in passing your AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam, and if you have any questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or leaving a comment below!

GOOD LUCK!! πŸ‘πŸ€

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Justin Chan

Hey Niharika. How did you do on the exam?

niharikapujari profile image
Niharika Pujari

Hey Justin! I did good on the exam; I scored an overall score of 765. Hope that helps!

justinc16 profile image
Justin Chan

Great job! I hope I can get a similar score on Aug 20th. Thank you.

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Niharika Pujari

Good luck! Let me know πŸ‘πŸ»

bvince77 profile image

Congratulations!!! This is something that I will be looking into more in the future and found this very useful Thank You