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Blockchain- An Introduction

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Hi all, In the upcoming series of articles we will discuss what blockchain is and what are the ways we can get into building our apps based upon this technology.

Blockchain is a technology in simple words helps to make some irreversible transactions or the block of data. So thinking in this way makes it the secure way of storing data than the databases. It works in this way like we have a chain of data 1 behind the other and the front data node has the address of the node which is behind it and the 1 in front and has its hash key which is SHA256 hash and is like a digital fingerprint of that data, so if you make some changes in the data that changes the hash key and makes it as out of sync from the other blocks.

To make it in sync we might think we will change the hash addresses in other nodes but that would be an easy task to do for when there are millions of nodes, moreover here we are talking about only 1 network that has a copy of node data, but in actual blockchain, we have many copies of same data and the data to be modified on network copies is not that easy and if on some network it is found data to be mismatched that will not be modified anyhow as blockchain as the technology works on proof of work concepts.
We will discuss blockchain terms more in upcoming articles alongside learning to build apps based upon blockchain

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