What's your absolute favorite snack food while coding and why does it hit the spot?

Niko πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’» on August 14, 2017

Mine is anything that has a satisfying crunch that I can bury in authentic hummus or guacamole. I live for one-handed access to savory, salty, ... [Read Full]
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Larabars, forever.

Unfortunately, snacks never really hit the spot for me, so I always end up having lunch after a few snacking sessions. Then I try to ban myself from snacks for a while.


Ha ha, that's strong of you. I've accepting my snack addiction. But I guess constant snack fuel is ok-ish in my case, since I often forget to eat lunch even when I have one on hand.


Man, I have a problem with snacks at my desk. I had to make a very strict "no snack rule" to get rid of my extra 50lbs. I allow myself one cup of coffee in the morning, one cup of tea in the afternoon and three gum chewing sessions.

Any deviation and I just go wild.


My mind is too occupied to properly enjoy a good guacamole while coding. I find that indulgence requires a greater degree of attention to truly appreciate. :)

I like nuts. Sometimes salad. And lots of water -- with a properly closed container sitting on the floor, because hey, accidents.


Yay, for closed containers :D! I have an assortment of bodum glasses, camel baks, and Contigo tumblers or shaker bottles for protein powder on the shelf behind my desk. Now that I think about it I guess protein drinks are my 'not-remembering-to-eat-enough' / 'my-body-feels-crap' snack of choice.



[Edited to include "Why"] There's a large variety (unsalted, salted, roasted, etc). They have a long shelf/desk-life so they can be bought in bulk. You can take them anywhere. They're at every store. They're crunchy but not too loud that they disturb co-workers. Finally, they're super healthy

(I'm not a doctor but if you eat/drink anything into excess it's going to be bad. It's a snack; not a meal or a diet)


Frozen green grapes.

Each takes long enough to eat that it doesn't really cause a performance hit, and they are tasty.

Things like guac just end up leading to me eating and staring at my screen with no code happening. Thats great when watching a video or reading an article. Not so great when trying to actually code something :)


Coding late into the night/early mornings, I find myself craving something to chew. Mostly go with bread and few choices for biscuits at that time with ice tea or a sport drink. Bread because I want something that won't be too oily so I can continue to press the keyboard with little hassle.

I'm constantly looking for new snacks to try out.
Lucozade boost


Dark-chocolate covered espresso beans, in moderation. Caffeine + chocolate + a nice satisfying crunch (you know, and healthy anti-oxidants? haha)


fruit when I am at work (they offer free fruit). naughty junk food when I am at home :D


This fascinates me, does it have to be a certain temperature?


I rarely eat something while coding. But I'm going to say... chocolate cookies and Coke.


Cool. So hydration or bust, but nothing fancy got it ;).


Today I'm switching things up with coconut water, peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets and chocolate covered almonds.


Don't really eat while coding. But if I do, it's probably gummy bears or something like that. Gets me in the zone. ;)

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