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Lazar Nikolov
Lazar Nikolov

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Uxcel: UX/UI for developers and designers

Meet Uxcel

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Uxcel, an app that teaches you UX/UI. It looked really clean, so I decided to give it a go. The app has a Course, Lesson of the Week, and a UEye Training sections.

First I finished the UX/UI Design Foundation course. It has 6 levels which covers pretty much everything, like Color Theory, UI Design Principles, Typography, Iconography, Terminologies, Animations etc... The app's teaching method is fun. It shows you either 2 different images and you need to select the correct one, or 1 image with multiple answers. After you pick/answer it shows you the correct answer and a brief explanation.

Screenshots of the app

When I finished all 6 levels it generated a nice certificate for me, which felt good and I shared it on LinkedIn.

After finishing the course, I started playing around with the UEye Training. I can't tell you how addicting and fun this is! It works similarly to the course, you're presented with 2 pictures, one of them has a UI mistake, the other one is correct. You have 20 seconds to identify the correct one. When you pick the correct one it gives you points. You can really benefit from this if you regularly do the UEye Training. They also have a configurable Reminder, which is a cool feature.

Since finding out about it, I've never missed a day without doing some UEye Training. They've recently added some new designs and it was so fun noticing the little mistakes. The points system and leaderboard brings more motivation to keep practicing.

Pro tip:

Uxcel is a PWA, a Progressive Web App. This means that you can install it on your Home screen on your smartphone. Here's how to do that:

  • On iOS: Open in Safari, click on the Share button (the one in the middle), and scroll down. You should see a "Add to Home Screen" option.
  • On Android: Open in Chrome and you should see a banner on the bottom saying "Add to home screen".

Make sure to install it on your smartphone, so you can practice anytime and anywhere.

Also, They regularly update their UX/UI Design Foundations course, so even if you complete it, click on the "Review Course" to see if they've added something new.

Let's practice together

Whether you're a developer or designer, Uxcel is one of the tools that can help you become good at UX/UI Designing. Keep practicing and you'll start to see progress. So, join me and let's practice together.

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